blop tries to art

Anonymous asked: Omg your art is so cute and awesome i can't ❤️

aaah thank you cutie ❤️❤️❤️

buneesi a réagi à votre photo “Cat!lock cuddle for my exchangelock…”


*purrs happily*

Anonymous asked: This whole unpleasant thingy with Euclase had taught me that I should appreciate the fandom artist that make me happy, so I'm going to all my favs and telling them that i simply ADORE them and I really appreciate their hard work. You're making this fandom a lot better. Thank you :)

Thank you very much this is a beautiful thing you’re doing, I loved Euclase and I will never understand why anyone would have wanted to bully her about her art, I am absolutely appalled by what happened :( Keep spreading the love anon because you’re also making the fandom better <3

uta-mae asked: I sent my friend a link to your blog and now she is really happy! C:


stupid doodle because your message made my day :3

Anonymous asked: hey blop! I love your art, and you as a person in general, that is all (also your URL and blog name actually had me muttering 'lil blop' to myself, is that strange, it was kind of like a little song ...)

*HAPPY BLOP NOISES* gosh you’re so cute please sing as much as you like and let me offer you some tea and a hug and also some smooches

Anonymous asked: hi there! what do you use to draw digital art? do you think it is a good product for beginners? thank you so much in advance!

Hey nonnie ! I use a Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Small. I’m not sure if you’re talking about beginners in digital art or art in general. It’s my first tablet and I bought it two months ago so I’m still a beginner in digital art myself but yes, I guess it’s a good product. But if you mean starting to draw with digital art here is a link to a post by navydream-senpai. Hope this helps ;)

lvstrade said: Your art style is so pretty uwu Could I possibly request some Teenlock? x

Student!nerd!john meets teen!lock in a library ! @//w//@