blop tries to art

Hello friends ! 

Uni starts again soon and I’m in desperate need of some extra income, so I’m opening commissions. 

Check the captions if you’re confused about prices, I added some precisions.I’ll draw for any fandoms but if I’m not familiar with yours I will need some guidance. And I draw nudity but not explicit porn, basically my limit is erotism, I’m not comfortable with drawing erect members or body fluids. Don’t hesitate to ask for more informations, my askbox is open ! 

I’ll be taking all payments through paypal.

IF THIS SOUNDS COOL TO YOU, you can email me at to set up a commission !

If you can’t it’s cool but could you signal boost this post please ?

Thank you again, I love you all !

itsacumberbatchproblem asked: Hi! Hello! :) Just wanted to say that for ONCE tumblr recommended a great blog (*points at you*). I LOVE your style so much!!! Your Sherlock and John are the cutest. Anyway, just wanted to leave this here. *shuffles away awkwardly* xx

*runs after u tackles u on the ground and kisses u* THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO LEAVE THIS HERE FRIEND !!! 

Anonymous asked: Oh my goddd I love the way you did the tattoos on Sherlock!!!!

good because they were a pain in the ass ! uwu

sherhclmes asked: i love your style so much! <3

books-and-bones asked: Your style is so beautiful 😃 madly stalks your blog 😳


Punk!lock and Hipster!john AU

my entry for this month Let’s draw Sherlock: alternative fashion style, close-up and full version !

watson-specter asked: Just found your blog and arghhhhh! <3 I love it! :')


seasonsofjohnlock a réagi à votre photo “WIP of lil frodo spying on bilbo it’s going to be my first art for…”

I thought at first it was lil Fawnlock because the flowers looked like antlers. I’m an idiot *facepalm*

aejkjkjzakjkzejk ??? ? fawnlock and ?? ?  bilbo ?? freaking jesuus christ I need to draw this fukkkk ;v;

Anonymous asked: Omg your art is so cute and awesome i can't ❤️

aaah thank you cutie ❤️❤️❤️